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Clinical supervision is an important part of being a counsellor. I am an integrative counsellor, I have been qualified since 2017. I qualified as a Clinical Supervisor in 2022.

Offering you my experience, passion and thirst of knowledge about anything about the counselling world.  In my busy private practice, I offer my clients a flexible working model to fit my clients needs and I offer you the same. I am able to offer you supervision in person, online or telephone.

Supervisors can take you to incredible heights. They help you to fly, providing the wind beneath you and provide you with a net if you fall.

I am a registered BACP, NCPS and ACTO counsellor with over 5 year’s experience in private practice. As an integrative therapist I use a number of theories. When working with a client depending on the issues that present because my belief is every client is different so I am able to adapt my approach to the individual. My goal is to provide you a safe, non judgmental, warm environment for you, to explore your thoughts and feelings around your client work. I am aware that being open, vulnerable in your supervision can be extremely difficult. Bringing all of your complicated, messy and shadowy feelings out in the open takes courage, but will help you to make your practice better. Through working together I can support you to support your clients.

Supervision is about supporting you as a person and your client work.

My approach

I am an eclectic integrative counsellor I use the theories of Person centred, CBT, Psychodynamics, TA and creative counselling.

As a supervisor I use the Seven Eyed Model and IDM. Putting you and your clients in the focus of working on the relationships between you, your clients and our relationship. We will take into consideration the things happening between each relationship. Plus the wider system for your client and their needs.

7 Eyed model

I mainly focus and work with the seven eyed model of supervision.

I map my supervision to the BACP, NCPS and ACTO ethical frameworks.

Finding the right supervisor for your practice can feel daunting to find the best fit for your work.  My aim is to be able to offer you a safe and supportive space. To collaborate on focusing on your client work and to encourage your personal growth and development. My aim is to strengthening your client work to empower you and your clients.

Welcoming you

I welcome you whatever stage you at within your counselling journey. From at the start as a student counsellor on placement it can be daunting. You may need to feel supported and reassurance to help you gain confidence in your client work. To being in practise within an organisation or working in private practice.

I can support you if you are newly qualified or wanting to set up your own private practice. Are you setting up your practice? I offer supervision sessions for those starting out in Private Practice helping you to build your profiles. Assisting you to navigate the challenges of being in private practise. I can support you to navigate how you want to shape your practice to be.

Are you wanting to be an accredited counsellor? As a accredited counsellor with the BACP and a Senior accredited counsellor with the NCPS. I can support you with your accreditation application, this also includes a report to the govenerning body of your choice

How much supervision do I need?

The British Association Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) guidelines for qualified counsellors need to have a minimum of 1.5 hours of supervision per calendar month, this is regardless of number of clients you are seeing. If you’re managing a full case load, you may need to increase these hours as you see necessary.

Student counsellors on placement need to have a minimum of 1.5 hours per calendar month. Ratio of 8 hours counselling to 1 hour supervision, with supervision every two weeks.

Click here to see more information about the requirements from the BACP on supervision.

Click here to read more information that the NCPS article regarding the importance of supervision.

Supervision is a valuable way of “checking in” with a more experienced practitioner thus supporting and ensuring counsellors stay grounded, maintain professional and ethical boundaries, develop their knowledge, both theoretically and practically, as well as focus on self-care to avoid “burnout”. Supervision is fundamental to the provision of safe, ethical and competent counselling.

The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

I give you the option of how often you would like your supervision if you are qualified, with the option of monthly or fortnightly sessions. Offering you short and long-term supervision, dependant on your needs.

If you need emergency supervision if your supervisor is unavailable. This can be for a one off session or for a length of time.

Contact me

I offer a free 30 minute, telephone or online consultation. To to see if you feel comfortable with me as a supervisor. Supervision is an investment in you and your practice and you deserve to choose someone that suits you. I believe in making our relationship as equal as possible. I am happy to discuss with you what you require from supervision. Supervision can take place from the comfort of my office which is located at Fairkytes Arts Centre, online via Zoom or telephone. There is no obligation or pressure to book an appointment. Contact me for more information.

Supporting you and your clients to thrive.