A ‘counselling contract’ (or a ‘counselling agreement’) is a mutual agreement between the counsellor and the client. The Therapeutic Contract and Privacy Policy.  This is done at the initial appointment or will be included in the telephone consultation.

The contract and the privacy policy will be sent by email to you before we start our work together. Please note that all therapeutic contracts here are samples and are subject to change.

Therapeutic contract

A counselling contract, ensures that the counselling process will be performed in a safe and professional manner and highlights the responsibilities of the counsellor towards clients. It outlines the responsibilities of the client towards the counsellor and the counsellors responsibilities to you as the client. The counselling contract is a transparent base for informed consent and is the start of building the therapeutic relationship between us.


  • Confidentiality
  • Exceptions to confidentiality
  • Safe guarding
  • Unexpected Illness or ending
  • Supervison
  • Payment details
  • Cancellation policy

This contract covers Face to Face, Online, Telephone and Walk & Talk counselling.

Therapeutic contract – Click here

Third Party contract

Is an additional contract to the Theraputic contract. This is for if someone else is paying for your counselling. Is a family member or work paying for your therapy? This contract outlines the terms of the agreement and is only regarding the financial side. The person paying for your sessions has no right over any information about you, or the content about what is said in your sessions, your confidentiality will always be witheld.

Third Party Contract – Click here

Walk and Talk Contract

This is an additional contract for Walk and talk therapy. Covering, how we will be working together therapeutically when we are outside of the counselling room because we will be walking around Langtons Gardens. Covering the key points of how we will manage confidentiality out in public spaces and risks surrounding counselling in a public place. The Risk assessment, is for walk and talk within Langtons Gardens, Hornchurch. You can request a copy.

Walk and Talk Contract – Click here

International Contract

Are you living outside of the UK? this is the additional therapeutic agreement we have as you are working with me outside of the United Kingdom.

International Contract – Click here

Clinical Supervision contracts

Supervision contracts for working with me as your supervisor. This is mutual agreement between the Supervisor and Supervisee. Outlining the therapeutic working alliance to work together in alignment with (BACP), (NCS) and (ACTO).

Different contracts are available depending if you are a student counsellor on your placement or a qualified counsellor.

Qualified Counsellor Supervision contract – Click here

Student Counsellor Supervision contract – Click here

If you have any questions, please contact me for more information.